About Me

I'm definitely a glass-half-full person.  I'm an optimist, married to a pessimist (he says he's a realist), which makes life interesting a good portion of the time.  I'm a Christian woman, wife, mother, college student, country gal (who enjoys living on our 12-acre farmstead with 50+ chickens), and I'm a writer.  I've had a non-fiction story published in a literary journal, and two articles in a college newspaper.  But at heart I'm a fiction writer and am working on one novel almost exclusively, with three more waiting to be written when I'm done.

I'm married to a classical pianist.  We've been married for 28 years.  He calls me Mrs. Darcy.  He's a very intelligent man whose interests include politics, religion, music (duh), and pretty much everything else.  His very logical brain interprets these subjects differently than my more subjective brain does.  This makes for some interesting discussions.  Unless he says something that awakens the writer's side of my brain and then I'm gone.  Figuratively speaking.  Sometimes he even notices that I've stopped talking or that I'm looking blankly off into space.  But if it has to do with my writing he's okay with that.  Especially since he's planning on my novels selling millions of copies and setting us up financially for life.  Yeah, right.  

We have five children and two grandchildren.  You'll learn more about them throughout my posts, I'm sure.

And I'm a senior at Concordia College, pursuing a major in English Writing with a minor in Classical Studies.  I have seven classes to go before I graduate in May 2012.  I can hardly wait.  

Anyway, that's my life--right now--in a nutshell.  Thanks for reading about me.  I hope you enjoy the blog!