Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Night in the Country

Last night we returned home after watching fireworks in Moorhead (rescheduled due to an amazing storm on the 4th).  After getting everyone inside for the night (which involves opening and closing the doors numerous times) I go into hunter mode.  My weapon of choice is a Pampered Chef fly-swatter and I'm relentless.

Here's how it went:  

Now, I'll admit that I go a little beserk about mosquitoes in my house.  It's a form of self-preservation.  Mosquitoes LOVE me.  I don't know how many times I've been awakened in the middle of the night by the unmistakeable buzz of a mosquito coming in for a landing...and a midnight snack.  This never happens to Jay directly.  He suffers indirectly when I lurch upright from a dead sleep swinging madly at the air in front of me, slapping my head, and frantically begging him to turn on the light so I can find the little bloodsucker.

Anyway, last night I circled the rooms of our home with the bug swatter in hand.  I'd killed about 20 mosquitoes while Jay sat at his laptop at the kitchen table catching up on all the important developments of the day.  When he'd finished he got up and started to walk toward the back of the house.  Almost immediately I hear a loud clap and a "Got cha!"  (Jay never does anything calmly that can be done with gusto and relish.)  He's very proud of his kill (probably thinking that maybe that was the mosquito that would have awakened me--and therefore him--in the night) and off he goes.  

Having found all of the mosquitoes that I think are in the house, I sit down to check my Facebook and end up killing the remaining million or so mosquitoes that I'd missed and who came to find me as soon as I sat my bug swatter down.  All of this is WITH mosquito repellent on!  Did I mention that mosquitoes love me?  


  1. Mosquitoes are proof that there is no intelligence in "Intelligent Design." I mean, can the creator of the universe be so perverse as to offer up a creature whose sole (soul?) purpose is to torment the innocent-- albeit delicious to blood-sucking vermin-- creature?

    Still, the vision of a Liszt scholar stalking the elusive Minnesota State Bird and shouting triumphantly at the kill is, well, strangely compelling.

  2. "Jay never does anything calmly that can be done with gusto and relish." --- Made me laugh! One of the primary reasons that, even in the midst of the hottest monsoon month of the year, I still remain content to live in AZ rather than MN is the lack of those infernal pests!!! (They love me too!!)

  3. I understand that the Purple Martins, dragonflies and bats need something to eat and I'm okay with that. But couldn't the mosquitoes be vegetarians or even fruit...arians? Nope, ours are Cindyarians. They only eat non-Cindy food when their food of choice is not available.

    However, as much as I hate the mosquitoes and that my perfume of choice throughout these summer months is Fresh Scent Off, I love living out here. When we lived in the Phoenix area for five years I always missed the green colors of trees, grass, etc. And the four seasons. I COULD probably talk myself quite easily into becoming a snowbird someday so that I'd spend the worst of the winter months in Arizona...if I ever give up my chickens that is. =)

  4. Margaret looks like she has developed some sort of pox on her face but no its just 6 mosquito bites and a swollen eye from being stung by a bee on her eyelid today. Love Summer!